You'll Be Okay

Maybe sometimes you need to break down. Maybe sometimes you need to break down to know you're okay.

Maybe you've been feeling lonelier than ever. Or maybe you've been denying it, but then you decide that there's no point lying to yourself anymore. 

It could be tough, but your sadness shouldn't have control over you. You have to be able to love yourself and give yourself what you deserve. To dramatically start my story, I was a little depressed and felt like I have no one in the last few weeks. There was nothing else but homesickness; all I wanted to do was to run from this strange land, go home and be with my family. The few close friends I have left in Busan, all of them are either busy working, spending time with their partners, or just not feeling like going out. I'm stuck at home alone with nothing to do and look forward to. 

That went on for several weeks until I broke down, crying realising everyone's life continues without me, yet my happiness has b…

I Finally Tried the Taste of Regret

In two weeks, there will be a Body Combat initial module training in Seoul. Tomorrow's the registration deadline and I'm letting it go, again.

Let me take you back to 5 years ago, when I was only 16 and didn't have anything fancy to wear in the gym. I decided to join the initial module training for Body Combat with two of my friends, and my parents had finally given me the permission (and their credit card to pay for the training fee).

My brother who was the manager in Celebrity Fitness Teraskota had already sponsored me and we signed and submitted the form. Two days after the registration deadline, everyone who registered for the training got an email from Les Mills about the details they need to prepare. I didn't get anything, so I emailed them asking, you know, 'where's mine?' and they told me that they never received my submitted form and the payment didn't succeed. After a long (and tiring) back-and-forth Q&A and confirmation emails with the L…

I am Not Alone as My Father is With Me

I had been in a Catholic society since I was born; family, neighborhood, school.
But until 19 years of age, I didn't recognize Christ and I was not familiar with my own belief. I prayed every single day not because I wanted to, but because the teachers told us to. I went to church and other religious events not because I wanted to, but because my mom and friends did.
My mom is a believer; but my dad is not. That gives us the three children the possibility to see things they way our dad does, which is the way an atheist see every thing in the world. I accomplish success because I worked hard from the beginning; I'm saved from any harm because I am careful; and scientific method is the only explanation of any truths.
Their belief is not false. And to be honest, that was my way of thinking despite of the fact that I have the word 'Catholic' stated in my identification.
I understood how my mom believes in Christ no less than I understood why my dad's against that. Growin…

Kangen Jajanan SD

Lagi kangen berat makanin mi remes sama makaroni, akhirnya keinget semua jajanan pas masih SD. Disaat uang jajan berkisar antara 500 sampe seribu perak. Disaat minta jemputan jajanin karena lupa minta uang jajan ke nyokap. Disaat jajanan yang dipilih menjadi penanda status kegaulan di sekolah.
Dulu gue SD di Santa Ursula BSD, jaman itu kantin sekolah gue belom jualan makanan berat kea bakso dan nasi goreng. Semua makanan-makanan kecil doang. Ini beberapa jajanan paling fenomenal selama gue kelas 1 sampe 6 SD.

1. Es Mony Bentuknya itu yang gaul banget. Kalo beli satu pack, nyusunnya di kulkas gak boleh asal taroh. Harus di tumpuk-tumpuk biar bagus gitu bentuk kipas. Biasanya di selang-seling juga narohnya. Jeruk-anggur-jeruk-anggur-jeruk. Makannya harus dipotong bagian atasnya. Biasanya sih gue dulu dipotong semua dari ujung ke ujung terus abis dipotong itu dimasukkin mulut semua lobangnya biar gak ada yang netes. Ntar pas uda mau abis mulutnya jadi perih-perih sakit gitu karena bungku…

Pengalaman, Kalo Kata Mama

Pulang dari kelas siang-siang langsung makan trus buang air, sudah jadi ritual. Tapi yang bikin hari ini jadi spesial yaitu: WCNYA MAMPET. Pas mau cebok, nah lho kok airnya gak surut? Kok airnya "tidak jernih"? Panik.

Coba flush lagi deh... airnya keluar semua sampe penuh, trus surut pelan-pelan.
Mungkin di flush lagi jadi kesedot.. oh ternyata airnya jadi penuh lagi, makin kotor dan surutnya makin lama.
Coba sekali lagi kali ya... Eaaa airnya jadi penuh tapi trus diem gk ada surutnya.


Takut si roomate masuk kamar mandi tanpa pengawasan terus jerit, jadinya gue bikinin peringatan.

Bolak-balik ke kamar mandi, nengokin surut ato engga, gimana keadaannya. Nahan mau muntah tiap masuk kamar mandi. Karena lumayan desperet langsung browsing kalo wc mampet. Solusi yang gue temuin itu pake soda api. Tapi ya kali beli soda api di Korea, bahasa koreanya apa juga nggak tau, beli kemana juga nggak tau. Solusi lain, panggil tukang sedot WC. Lebih nggak mungkin lagi kan.

Mau l…