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You'll Be Okay

Maybe sometimes you need to break down. Maybe sometimes you need to break down to know you're okay.

Maybe you've been feeling lonelier than ever. Or maybe you've been denying it, but then you decide that there's no point lying to yourself anymore. 

It could be tough, but your sadness shouldn't have control over you. You have to be able to love yourself and give yourself what you deserve. To dramatically start my story, I was a little depressed and felt like I have no one in the last few weeks. There was nothing else but homesickness; all I wanted to do was to run from this strange land, go home and be with my family. The few close friends I have left in Busan, all of them are either busy working, spending time with their partners, or just not feeling like going out. I'm stuck at home alone with nothing to do and look forward to. 

That went on for several weeks until I broke down, crying realising everyone's life continues without me, yet my happiness has b…